M105 1.5 Ton Trailer

Heavy Duty M105 1.5 Ton Trailer. Multiple M105's in stock. Inside of bed dimensions 74" width by 110" length. Bed is 53.5" between wheel wells allowing for a sheet of plywood to lay between wheel wells. Grease zerks on all suspension parts. Adjustable landing leg. Parking brakes for each wheel. Brakes on trailer are air over hydraulic. Starting at $650 each.


M101 3/4 Ton Cargo Trailer

Surge Brakes, Cargo Racks with barn style doors on the back, pickup style folding tailgate. Approx 8' Length and 5' width inside bed. Inside width between wheel wells is 3' 9.5". Light enough you can move around by hand. Grease zerks on spring hangers-very well built. Radial tires with 75%+ tread on all trailers $950 each. Tarp additional $100. Call for current trailer inventory and pictures.



Army 6x6 LLC